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  • VaporLock-mô is an independently-tested and City of Los Angeles approved (LA City #RR 25546) methane barrier membrane
  • It is applied to a tough geotextile fabric or other substrate to prevent methane from entering the building through the foundation slab or other treated surfaces
  • VaporLock-m is a polymer-enhanced asphalt barrier that is seamlessly spray-applied to the substrate at a highly-protective thickness of at least 44 mils dry.
  • The barrierís flexibility enables it to with stand thermal expansion and contraction with no compromise in performance
  • The impermeability and ease-of-application make VaporLock-m a reliable, cost-effective alternative for methane mitigation
  • VaporLock-m Specifications
    VaporLock-m Installation Guide
    VaporLock-m Research Report
    VaporLock-m Detail Drawings
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