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Drain away water, not time! Install effective foundation drainage at the same time as your basement waterproofing system with Tremco!
  • DrainStar Stripdrain product (DrainStar) is designed to be used in combination with TUFF-N-DRI, and WATCHDOG WATERPROOFING products.
  • With DrainStar, your Select Barrier Solutions Contractor can install an effective foundation drainage system at the same time as your basement waterproofing system. You'll save scheduling time and hassles with just one contractor contact.
  • DrainStar features two hard-working components: 1) A rigid polymer core of engineered cones that collect and move water to designated drainage exits. 2) A non-woven, needle-punched geotextile filter fabric to strain out backfill soils and other particles.
  • DrainStar can replace traditional drain tile and gravel systems, bringing you a variety of attractive advantages.
  • No scheduling of gravel deliveries.
  • No carrying gravel in buckets or wheelbarrows.
  • No damage caused by dumping of stones.
  • No leftover gravel and drain tile scattered around the job site.
  • Lower total installed cost than gravel and drain tile.
  • DrainStar Specifications
    DrainStar Installation Guide
    DrainStar ICC Report
    DrainStar Strip Drain SDS
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