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TUFF-N-DRI XTS Delivers Unprecedented Foundation
Waterproofing Performance!
Provides 12 Feet of Hydrostatic Head Resistance!

TUFF-N-DRI® XTS is the highest performing extension of the most trusted and recognized brand of foundation waterproofing for new construction - the TUFF-N-DRI Basement Waterproofing System.

  • Greatest resistance to hydrostatic head pressures…12 FEET!
  • Performance-engineered and field tested, so you can trust that TUFF-N-DRI XTS will keep your basements dry.
  • With TUFF-N-DRI Barrier Board or WARM-N-DRI Foundation Board, the TUFF-N-DRI XTS System insulates, drains and protects you foundation wall.
  • 30-Year Full-System Performance Warranty provides assurance to your homeowners.
Choose the #1 builder brand in the residential waterproofing category…
choose the TUFF-N-DRI Basement Waterproofing System.

TUFF-N-DRI XTS Specifications
TUFF-N-DRI XTS 30 Year Sample Warranty
TUFF-N-DRI XTS Installation Instructions

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